Vol 18, No 2 (2008-2010)

Special issue on Godard and Philosophy, co-edited by Burlin Barr and John E. Drabinski


Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy


Table of Contents


Philosophy as a Kind of Cinema: Introducing Godard and Philosophy PDF
John E. Drabinski 1-8
Schizoanalyzing Souls: Godard, Deleuze, and the Mystical Line of Flight PDF
David Sterritt 9-28
Happiness is Not Fun: Godard, the 20th Century, and Badiou PDF
Michael Walsh 29-42
The Audible Life of the Image PDF
David Wills 43-64
Shot and Counter-shot: Presence, Obscurity, and the Breakdown of Discourse in Godard’s Notre Musique PDF
Burlin Barr 65-86
Pedagogy of the Written Image PDF
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield 87-106
Modernism as a Misnomer: Godard's Archeology of the Image PDF
Gabriel Rockhill 107-130
Notes on Contributors PDF
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